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Turn-key Folding Carton Production Process

Preferred Production Process has been refined a turn-key folding carton production process, over the past 25 years to deliver quick turnaround, value in pricing and quality to thousands of customers. Our time tested production process provides a stress free experience for our customers. Our 98% Satisfaction and Approval Rate speaks to that (that 2% makes us try harder!)

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Turn-key Folding Carton Production Process

Turn-key Folding Carton Production Process

img_0530Step 1: Discovery
Beyond what goes into your box, we learn as much about your product as possible. We want to know what makes it tick and why people buy it. Our staff of creatives may have suggestion on how to better position, display and sell your product.

Step 2: Structural Design
Our talented team of designers review each product to insure the integrity of the package contents in retail or shipping applications. We look at the weight, stability, structure and more to determine the optimal container is delivered to consumers. In many cases, suggestions have amassed savings for client packaging costs by re-engineering sub straights, altering designs more suited to the delivery of their product.

Step 3: Die-line & Sample
Once the structural concept is developed, samples and a final dieline are created. From this a dieline is developed and the enhancements that will insure structural integrity in areas like scoring, gluing, flaps, folds and locks. The packaged sample is then produced and tested; in some case by dropping and knocking over. Things that happen in a real world display environment. If it passes OUR test, retail shelves are no problem!

Step 4: Intelligent Graphic Design
Work in the latest 3D packaging and design software, Preferred’s graphic artists work to create design that has high impact, is functional, branded and aimed at the right audience. Intelligent design is the only way to draw a consumer’s attention to a package, get them to pick it up, read it then make a buying decision. Preferred designers are not only talented and extremely creative, but they are seasoned marketers who will ask questions about the target market.

Step 5: Proof, Refinement & Approval
Preferred’s Graphic Artists work with the client to refine the final design through a series of branded proofs. Once approved, the client will sign off on the final print. This print is the version our experienced pre-press and printing departments will work to color match every last detail. Have several product versions? Not a problem. We can combine different artwork, on the same run straight down to creating individual bar codes.

Have your own design? Preferred offers a full range of prepress services for our customers. Whether it be conventional or digital, our highly skilled technicians will assist you in the preparation of your files for our in-house Computer-to-Plate to perfect printed box, every time.

Step 6: Printing, Die Cutting & Finishing
High Speed Color Printing is where the magic happens and structural design, graphics, pre-press and all the precise artisanship comes together. Our 6 color printing presses are capable of running at hundreds of sheets per hours, which helps Preferred deliver quality fast! Digital technologies embedded in every step of the process insure consistent color from the first sheet to the last one. Want to add that special, jump-off-the-shelf to your package? Foil stamping, embossing or debossing can do just that!

Once printed and foil stamped, a custom engineered die cuts out each box to precision. The die cut boxes then move to gluing. Our master gluers set up convoyed machinery to spot glue each individual box, then folds them flat for storage and shipping.

In every step of Preferred’s Production Process, before, during and after, our keen Quality Control department holds standards when testing boxes inline, for print, structural integrity, strength and proper scoring and folding.

Step 7: Shipping or Warehousing for Release
Finished package boxes are labeled, palletized and shrink wrapped to insure they arrive undamaged. Pallets are then loaded on to a Preferred Commercial truck for delivery to locations throughout Southern California. Will-Call is never a problem; items can be picked up at our loading docks. Many of our clients choose to warehouse finished packaging in our 50,000+ foot warehouse for release specific to seasonal needs and forecasts.

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