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Structural Package Design

Structural package designA solid package, in the consumer’s mind, speaks to the quality of a product in that package.  Planning the structural package design, knowledge of substrate characteristics, available innovations and more  are incredibly important and a must for successful structural package design.

While graphic design catches the consumer’s eye, with messaging that speaks to its audience, structural design considerations must be functional as well as attractive. Design engineered to protect the product, insure that it travels well while showing the messaging it in the best possible light. More than how a package looks, how it “feels” may sway a consumer into a buying decision.

Preferred designers are seasoned Structural engineers in package design, using the latest CAD technologies. Our designers can create rapid prototyping for testing design iterations for an optimal solution, samples or full color design mock-ups for presentations.

Functional requirements are:
– Strength for stacking and shipping
– Fit to protect the product
– Stability for display
– Ease of assembly (fulfillment)
– Angles for messaging

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